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Swallowfield Equestrian is a family-run business managed by Jo Swain (BA Hons) Equine Studies and her team of staff, established in 1995. We offer an outstanding range of full-livery packages. Our full-livery service consists of four packages; bronze, silver, gold and finally platinum. With each package offering a service to suit individual client needs. We also take horses in for holiday livery and short-term schooling livery. A DIY Livery service can also be provided for professional clients. Please call 01564 784475 (office hours) to make enquiries on a livery package to suits your needs.

Swallowfield is the only BHS approved livery yard in the area and we are very proud of our high standard of horse management, provided by a team of dedicated staff, who are all owners and riders with experience in equine care.

Swallowfield also host a range of on-site BD, BS events plus unaffiliated dressage, cross-country and show jumping competitions, which run throughout the year. Our unaffiliated shows include Trailblazers, Cricklands & MIDARC qualifiers.

With regular on-site competitions and training days, there is no need to travel, as we have everything the horse and rider needs. We endeavour to make show days livery friendly, with horses still being turned out and allowing riders to ride during show days.

In addition to our International sized indoor and outdoor arenas, lunge arena and horse walker we also have over 35 fences on our two Cross Country courses. Our full list of top class facilities can be viewed here.

Please phone 01564 784475 or email swallowfieldinfo@gmail.com for further details or to arrange a visit.

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