Swallowfield Dog Walking Fields

Come along with your dog and enjoy picturesque walks in the Warwickshire countryside. Swallowfield Equestrian is set in 65 acres, with 45 acres set well off any roads, and you can enjoy private use, away from other people and dogs. Our privately owned fields are surrounded by thick, mature hedgerows and trees with an abundance of wildlife. We also offer secure, gated, parking plus tea/coffee facilities and toilets on site.


New for Summer 2022!!!

We are very excited to open up our 2.7 acre, Kennel Club approved, securely fenced re-call and training field. With 8-foot fences and a variety of obstacles, it makes the perfect training and recall area. Owners are welcome to book the field for up to 4 dogs in 30-minute slots.


You can choose to hire our recall field on its own or you can hire both the recall field and our 40-acre meadow walk if you would like to enjoy a long stroll through the countryside, undisturbed! On return to the car park, there is tea and coffee available, a hose to wash wellies and dogs off, and a bowl of dog biscuits and a bowl of water. The car park is secure up a private drive, well off the road, with a private keypad for added security. Hand sanitiser is available to use, and dog bins for you to dispose of your bags of waste.

We welcome all dogs, but if they like to hunt, then you may wish to keep them on a longline or lead as you venture across our larger fields, as we have guaranteed pheasants, muntjacs, foxes and lots of exciting scents!

If your dog is reactive with other dogs/people or does not recall, then they would need to stay on a lead in the larger fields, as we do have a public footpath along just one side of the hay field, which although very quiet, may have a walker with a dog on a lead. There is of course the option to just use our brand new secure, private training paddock.

Full details of both the recall field and walk are available below. Please also ensure you read our full Terms & Conditions – you will be asked to accept these as part of your online booking, thank you.

We can also accommodate larger social walks, facility hire for training and professional dog walkers. Please get in touch via email or Facebook




With 8-foot-high secure fencing around the entire boundary of our 2.7 acre railway paddock, this is the ideal place to practice re-call with your dog. Named the railway paddock as there is a railway embankment high on one side of this field. With the odd train and thick hedgerows and brambles on the steep embankment, it is lovely private field set at the back of the Equestrian Centre. To access the railway paddock, dogs will need to walk through the stable yard on leads from the secure car park. For very reactive, nervous dogs, we can accommodate owners driving up to the paddock but only with prior arrangement. We have added a variety of obstacles such as tunnels and tyres to make it a fun experience for your dog!
There are poo bags and a bin for you to dispose of them by the gate, we do ask that you check before leaving the paddock that you have completely cleared up after your dog.
These 30-minute slots are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 2pm and 7.45pm and Saturdays and Sundays 8.30am – 2pm. We also add on a 15-minute buffer between each session to make sure there are no unwanted interactions for those particularly nervous or reactive dogs. No more than 4 dogs in the railway paddock at any time please.


Photo Courtesy of Martin Fox Photography


Our longer dog walk is around all the perimeter of the land adjacent to the Grand Union Canal. Although the canal runs alongside our fields, there are 10 metres width of dense woodland and hedgerows making the walk very safe and private. You will hear lots of pheasants, see buzzards and many marshland and woodland birds. Walking around the perimeter of the hay field, the three canal fields and back through the middle field is a really scenic walk, and even the most energy filled dog will enjoy an exhilarating walk with all the different scents. You really feel like you are deep in the Warwickshire countryside, and apart from the possible sighting of a walker on the edge of the Hay Field, this time is totally yours.
Look out for our barn owl box in the middle field on the oak trees, and in the Spring, we will be digging out our large water complex, used for the horses to jump in and out of for the keen water loving dogs to have a splash and a cool down. This field has lots of logs, ditches and cross-country jumps for the more agility minded dogs too!
This walk combines the railway paddock with the long walk and will be available to book on Monday, Thursday and Friday evenings between 2-7.15pm. There will also be limited weekend slots depending on our events calendar. No more than 4 dogs on this walk at any time please.
There is a dog waste bin provided for you in by the Hayfield gate, and by the clubhouse on your return.
A map is available her on the website. For your first walk please arrive 10 minutes before your time slot, and one of the Swallowfield Team will meet and greet you, and you will be pointed in the right direction.

Photo Courtesy of Martin Fox Photography

Dog Walking Times & General Information for all Walks

Please arrive 10 minutes before your pre-booked walk time, and one of the Swallowfield team will meet and greet you in the car park. Please read all and agree all terms and conditions before booking your walk. You can reach us on 01564 784475 if you have any difficulties on the day during your walk.



MONDAY 2.00 – 7.00 PM
TUESDAY 2.00 – 7.45 PM
WEDNESDAY 2.00 – 7.45 PM
THURSDAY 2.00 – 7.00 PM
FRIDAY 2.00 – 7.00 PM
SUNDAY 8 AM – 5.00 PM


Click on any date for full details, times and booking information. 

On the Day Telephone: 07598 312072.

If it is your first time coming to Swallowfield Dog walks please email dogwalks@swallowfieldec.co.uk to ensure a member of staff can meet you and show you where to go.

Swallowfield Dog Walking Fields Terms & Conditions

In making a booking you agree that:

  • Dogs must be accompanied by their owner at all times – Dogs must be healthy – Inoculations must be up to date – Dogs must be wormed regularly – You must contact us before bringing a bitch that is on heat please as it can be very unsettling for dogs using the fields afterwards.
  • You must please pick up poo after your dog.
  • Bins are provided in the Hay Field, Railway Paddock and back near the clubhouse where you set off on your walk.  
  • Please arrive no earlier than 10 mins before your booking and after your walk, please help yourself to a tea or coffee, wash off your wellies and dog if needed.
  • You will be given the exit code for the keypad when you arrive.
  • When using the toilets on the Equestrian Centre please leave dogs in the car
  • You are responsible for your own (and your dog’s) safety and agree to use the field at your own risk.
  • If your dog, or any dogs in your household are unwell you must cancel your slot and re-book for no sooner than 48hours later.
  • You may use the space for personal, or recreational use only – Dogs must be kept on a lead whilst walking to the paddock through the Equestrian Centre and in the car park
  • If your dog is very reactive, we can accommodate parking directly in front of the field. This can only be done with prior arrangement, please email dogwalks@swallowfieldec.co.uk when booking
  • NO SMOKING on site please.
  • Please take ALL rubbish away with you, or put it in a bin, we have horses grazing in some of the fields and nothing must be dropped on the ground at any time.
  • If you arrive late, you must still leave on time, unless you have contacted us, and arranged to stay late.
  • We welcome families, but ask that children are closely supervised, as the fields contain ponds, rough ground, stinging nettles, brambles, tree trunks, piles of wood, and other hazards, such as wildflowers and other naturally occurring plants that could cause harm. We cannot accept any liability for humans or animals harmed by the natural environment.
  • Charges are per family/household, and their dogs.
  • We make a further charge of 50% for any extra families/households sharing a session. Please book your walk time, and then email dogwalks@swallowfieldec.co.uk if this is your plan.
  • We ask that one human is present to supervise every 4 dogs.
  • Please inform us if you give your appointment to somebody else as we will need a contact number – If you decide to cut your appointment short, or do not turn up without informing us, you will still be charged for the full session booked – If cancellations are made less than 24 hours before your booked slot, regrettably there will be no refund.
  • This agreement does not create any rights over the land and the hirer accepts that we maintain control, and possession of the fields at all times. Use of the Field shall be entirely at the hirer’s own risk. We accept no liability for the death of, or injury to, any person/dog or for damage to any property. Although the car park is through secure gates, please ensure all valuables are removed and your car is locked. We also accept no liability for any losses, claims, actions, damages, costs/expenses or other liability incurred by the hirer during the use of the field. By making your payment you have accepted all of the above terms and conditions.
  • For further information, or clarification please email us on dogwalks@swallowfieldec.co.uk or pm us on our designated Swallowfield Dog Walking Facebook page..

We hope you enjoy your walk and your feedback on your experience with us is most welcome.